PDL & LSAP Software Management System

System for Management of LSAP distribution to Remote PDLs

The AIT Portable Data Loader Manager (PDL-Manager) is a software system that can be used together with AIT's Portable Data Loaders (PDL-615 and uPDL-615) to manage the packaging and distribution of loadable software aircraft parts (LSAP) from a centralized load administrator to remote PDLs spread across multiple locations. 

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PDL-Manager LSAP Distribution System


Key Features

  • Allows centralized Load Administrator to manage LSAP packaging & LSAP distribution
  • Enables Load Administrator to define the Aircraft, LRU, and LSAP hierarchy to be navigated on the PDLs during load operations.
  • Provides electronic distribution of software parts (eliminates need for physical media).
  • Works with AIT's PDL-615 and uPDL-615 loaders
  • Transfers software parts securely over the network or over USB
  • Completely OPTIONAL! Software parts can also be transferred to AIT PDL-615 and uPDL-615 by simple file transfers and transportable media (USB Flash drives, CD/DVD, etc). 

PDL-Administrator Application

The PDL Administrator software component of the PDL-Manager system is used by a Load Administrator to create packages of LSAPs for the remote PDLs. In addition to packaging the LSAPs the PDL-Manager also allows the load administrator to define the hierarchy and navigation tree that the PDL users see on the actual PDLs when executing data load operations. The LSAP packages created with the PDL-Manager application are stored on a networked file server to be accessed by the PDLs and the PDL-Updater applications.


PDL-Administrator Software Application UI

PDL-Updater Application

The PDL-Updater software component is an application that is used on remote PDLs for updating over the network (LAN/WAN). The PDL-615 provides wired and wireless LAN connectivity as well as cellular data (LTE). The PDL-Updater is capable of accessing the LSAP package file server over any of these connectivity interfaces. The PDL-Updater can also be used remote PCs for updating PDL-615 and uPDL-615 devices over a USB connection.

The PDL-Updater is an intelligent application that determines if the PDL-Manager has pushed a new package of LSAPs to the file server and if so downloads the package to the PDL's mass storage when updated LSAP packages are available.


PDL-Updater Software Application UI