ARINC 615 & 615A PDL

ARINC 615 & 615A Tablet based Portable Data LoaderPDL-Tablet1-with-Software.png

The AIT ARINC 615, 844, and 615A Portable Data Loader (AIT-PDL) is a rugged, portable flightline ready system that is designed to perform dataloads to a variety of aircraft LRU's in the fleet. The AIT-PDL supports ARINC 615 & ARINC 884 as well as ARINC 615A load operations. The AIT-PDL accepts software parts files from CD-ROM/DVD, USB, and networked storage locations. Additionally, the PDL inlcudes dedicated internal mass storage (32GB or 64GB).

To ensure compatibility with existing ARINC 615 cable assemblies, the AIT-PDL includes an integrated ARINC 615 53-pin connector which also includes ARINC 615A (Ethernet) connectivity.


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Key Features

  • Supports 615-3/4 Data Loader operations using ARINC 429
  • Supports 615A (-1, -2, & -3) Data Load operations over Ethernet & ARINC 664 networks
  • Accepts loadable software parts from any attached USB device (USB Flash Drive, CD-ROM/DVD)
  • Optional Loadable Software Distribution Applications availble (but NOT required!)
  • 32 GB (or optional 64 GB upgrade) built-in mass storage dedicated to loadable software parts
  • Verifies and Validates software parts prior to load operations
  • Optional Network Interface Connectivity:
    •    10/100/1000 base-T Ethernet LAN
    •     4G LTE broadband
    •     Wireless 802.11ac

Note: Our flexible connectivity options allow you to populate the integrated MSD with or without a direct connection to your network

  • Battery powered operation (no aircraft power required)
  • MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certified for shock and vibration
  • Intuitive & easy to use graphical user interface (web browser based)
  • Simple single button load operations with concise status indication
  • Audio and Visual indication of successful/unsuccessful load operations


The AIT-PDL is designed for ease of use by the flightline maintenance engineer. The PDL features a simple user interface that provides visual and audio alerts when load operations are completed. The User Interface is intuitive and easy to use, eliminating the need for time consuming software training. All Data Loading activity can be logged, and any error conditions are timestamped and logged for post analysis and troubleshooting. The AIT-PDL includes an internal wrap self-test and also a complete loop-back self-test (with optional external loop-back cable assembly.  

For more detailed information and technical specs get the AIT PDL-615 Datasheet below!

Get PDL-615 Datasheet