ARINC 665 Media Builder

Tools & Utilities for ARINC 665 Field Loadable Software

AIT's ARINC 665 Media Set Builder SDK is a software suite of tools that provides support for the creation and verification of ARINC 665 media sets (MSPs) and loadable software parts (LSPs). The A665 SDK supports ARINC 665‐1, ‐2, & ‐3. A GUI application is provided to support users wishing to create MSPs and LSPs from a MS Windows application. The A665 SDK also includes a command line application which can be used to build MSPs and LSPs. The command line can be integrated into software build tools and scripts to make the generation of loadable ARINC 665 software parts part of the avionics software build processes.

Key Features

  • Supports ARINC 665‐1, 665‐2, & 665‐3
  • Generates ARINC 665 *.LUH and *.LUM files
  • Can be used to verify existing ARINC 665 LSP and MSPs
  • GUI Application provided for intuitive, easy-to‐use build and verification of MSP/LSP
  • Command line application provided for batched and scriptable building of MSP/LSP
  • Available for MS Windows (7/8/10) & Linux

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ARINC 665 Media Builder UI