ARINC 615/615A Bench-top & Shop Loader Solutions

To satisfy ARINC 615/615A data loader requirements in system engineering lab, avionics system manufacturing, and maintenance depot applications, AIT provides data loader software that can be used together with AIT's full line of ARINC 429, ARINC 664, and Ethernet interface modules and integrated into a variety of host desktop PC systems and ATE environments. The F-SIM-LDR-615 software provide ARINC 61 5-3/4 data loader support and is compatible with all of AIT's ARINC 429 interface modules. The F-SIM-LDR-615A software application provides ARINC 615A-1 /2/3 data loader support over Ethernet and ARINC 664 networks and is compatible with all of AIT's ARINC 664/Ethernet interfaces modules. The F-SIM-LDR-615 and F-SIM-LDR-615A software products include both graphical user interface (GUI ) data loader applications and command line data loaders which are scriptable and can be called from shell scripts, batch files, and python for support of automated load operations.


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Multiple Shop & Bench-Top Configurations Supported

The AIT ARINC 615 and ARINC 615A Software, together with AIT's family of ARINC 429, ARINC 664, & Ethernet interface modules can be used to support a variety of applications.