ARINC 615A Embedded Loaders & Targets

Software Libraries for 615A Data Loader & Target Applications   

The AIT Embedded Data Loader and Target software development kits (SDK) provide support for ARINC 615A operations in software libraries which can be embedded into avionics systems and are supported on multiple operating system platforms. The SDKs include executable libraries with well defined and documented application programmer's interfaces (API ). Sample applications (source code) are also included with the SDKs.

Loader Key Features

  • High Level C/C++ API for A615A Operations
    • UPLOAD
  • High Level C/C++ API for TFTP
  • Full support for ARINC 615A-1, 615A-2, & 615A-3
  • Available for Windows & Linux (other OS on request)
  • Optional embedded data loader web server available
  • Command Lin Data Loader application also provided for scripted/batched operations
  • Source code sample applications and complete user's reference documentation provided.

Target Key Features

  • Complete ARINC 615A software data load Target side software solution
  • High level C/C++ API's for easy integration into existing avionics software
  • Complete documentation and source code samples provided
  • ARINC 615A-1, 615A-2, and 615A-3 supported
  • Portable to multiple host platforms 
    • Windows
    • Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, MonteVista)
    • VxWorks
    • Others on request
  • Compatible & Tested with multiple ARINC 615A data loaders from multiple manufacturers
 Get 615A Loader SDK Datasheet  Get 615A Target SDK Datasheet

Embedded Data Loader SDK

The AIT A615A‐LDR‐SDK is an ARINC 615A data loader suite of software which can be integrated into user applications to provide support for ARINC 615A‐1, 615A‐2, and 615A‐3 load operations. The A615A‐LDR SDK provides C/C++ application programmer interfaces (API) for both trivial file transfer protocol (TFTP) and ARINC 615A. The A615A‐SDK API's are provided with full user documentation and sample (source) applications.

A615A Embedded Loader Arch

Optional Embedded Data Loader Server

The AIT A615A‐LDR‐SDK also provides an optional embedded web server which can be used to provide a browser based user interface (GUI) to the embedded data loader. The simple, intuitive, and easy to use HTML based UI can be operated from any type of device (tablets or laptops) with a standard web
browser to execute load operations (FIND/SNIP, UPLOAD, DOWNLOAD, & INFORMATION). With the embedded web server, the AIT A615A‐LDR‐SDK provides a complete software data loader solution that can be easily integrated into a variety of existing onboard systems to provide a cost effective on‐board data loader solution.

A615A Embedded Server

Embedded Target SDK

The ARINC 615A Data Loader Target development kit includes the AIT 615A Target API (T615A API) library and a Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) API library. The T615A API provides the high level C API utilized by the avionics application and includes support for all ARINC 615A operations including FIND (SNIP), INFORMATION, UPLOAD, Media Defined DOWNLOAD, and Operator Defined DOWNLOAD. The TFTP library provides the undelying file transfer client and sever operations utilized by ARINC 615A. Both libraries
use the standard sockets interfaces provided by the host operating system for communications with the Data Loader. The 615A Target and TFTP APIs of the target development kit are highly configurable without the need to change code or recompile. Timeouts, block sizes, and file storage locations can be specified in configuration files loaded to the libraries at run time offering a highly flexible and re‐configurable solution. An easy to use (GUI) application is provided to allow easy and intuitive specification of the configuration options.

A615A Target Arch Datasheet