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ARINC 429 3U PXI Test & Simulation Instrument 

Advanced Four, Eight, 16, or 32 Channel ARINC429

Test & Simulation PXI Module

The PXI‐C429 module is a member of AIT’s family of ARINC 429 test and
simulation modules. This module is a 3U PXI Hybrid Slot compatible
instrument that is designed to enable monitoring, analysis, simulation, and
testing of ARINC 429 data channels. The PXI‐C429 module supports up to 32
fully programmable (as inputs or outputs) ARINC 429 channels. The PXI‐
C429 provides full error injection and detection capabilities.

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Key Features:

  • Four, Eight, 16, or 32 Software Programmable Tx/Rx Channels
  • Programmable High/Low Speed Operation
  • Concurrent operation of all Tx/Rx Channels at High Speed rates
  • PXI Interrupts, Star Trigger, and PXI Clock
  • Full Error Injection and Detection
  • Rate‐oriented Label Transmission
  • Label Selective Trigger for Capture/Filtering
  • IRIG‐B Time Code Encoder/Decoder
  • Real‐Time Recording and Post Analysis of Multiple Channels
  • Application Interface supporting C++, C#, and .net Development
  • Device Driver Support: Windows and LabVIEW Real Time

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AIT's PXI-C429



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